Your Off Road Guide to the Best 4X4 Information and Resources…

With important off road suggestions and reviews you won’t see  Xjeep1.jpg.pagespeed.ic .3ijl1m Li 3770338 anywhere else. Find out about 4WD vehicles, ATVs, 4X4 accessories, Tech articles and view 4X4 pictures and stories… Learn more about safety, trip preparation… and my favorite topic… the many outdoor activities and destinations available to the off-highway adventurer.

Times have sure changed since my earliest 4WD experiences… dating back to the times when we used stock Military Jeeps and hand tools to blaze new 4X4 trails on public land to reach remote hunting and fishing locations and just plain off highway exploration. Nowdays we regularly use lifted trucks and other modified 4X4 vehicles to run on existing trails.

Atv1 1436314 Today, there are fewer 4X4 trails and more restrictions on off-road travel, but there are still plenty of exciting places to go… and lots of fun things to do once you get there.

That’s what this site is all about… tips, tricks, reviews and suggestions on how to make your off road experience more enjoyable.

I’ve managed to learn the hard way about…

  • Not being prepared
  • Getting stuck in mud, snow, sand, rocks and ruts
  • Breaking down
  • Getting lost
  • Rollovers
  • Crashes
  • Common 4×4 injuries
  • Broken suspensions
  • Getting high-centered
  • Tire failures
  • Running out of gas
  • Holes in the oil pan, gas tank & radiator
  • Proper Lubrication
  • Rattlesnakes
  • Emergency repairs
  • And much more…

Learn how we get into such predicaments… how to get out… and how to be prepared for and avoid these and other common off road pitfalls.

Whether you are new to four wheeling or an experienced old timer… no matter which you prefer… 4X4 Trucks, Jeeps, SUVs or ATVs… I’m sure you will find something of special interest… Just scroll down through this 4×4 Outdoor site to find your favorite topics and 4WD links!4×4 Off Road Accessories… For Serious Off Road TravelersOff Road Accessories… What Do You Really Need? There are certain off road accessories you should never leave the pavement without… Do you have them on board?Off Road Tire Tips and Reviews… What’s The best tire For Your 4×4 Truck or SUVWhat is the right… off road tire? Choosing the right off road tire for your rig can be confusing… Make it easier by asking yourself these two important questions before you decide.Outdoor Gear – Selection, Tips, and Reviews for the Great Outdoors!Outdoor Gear Tips and Reviews! Find the best outdoor gear for your favorite outdoor activity. Here you’ll find tips, info and reviews for hiking gear, camping gear, fishing and hunting gearATV riding tips, neat trails and product reviewsQuality ATV Riding Information for ATVers. Off road outdoors is your source for ATV riding techniques, ATV reviews, maintenance tips, unique photos, trail riding, and Quad accessories.Lubrication and friction basics!Basic Lubrication Principles… What You Need to Know. Lubrication is an important part of our everyday lives. We can’t live without it, but do we really understand it?Interesting Off Road StoriesOff Road Stories to Learn From… True off road stories of the trail… for all outdoor fans and 4X4 enthusiasts alike. Has the following ever happened to you?4X4 Trail Rides and Outdoor Adventures4X4 Trail Rides… Participating in 4X4 Trail rides are the backbone of four-wheeling whether in a jeep, truck or ATV. These articles are about actual trail rides, describing where to go and what to do.Microlon, metal surface treatment for automotive, aircraft and marine engines!Microlon! Award Winning Treatment for All Gas and Diesel Engines. Microlon… adds horsepower and reduces fuel consumption, emissions and wear in cars, trucks, aircraft, motorcycles, ATVs and more!The Best… Handheld GPS Units For Off Road adventurersA handheld GPS is a must if you like to go four-wheeling, hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, flying, geocaching, boating or even traveling in your car.Off Road Outdoors SitemapThis sitemap displays links to every page of for your convenience.Contact MePlease feel free to contact me here at’s Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy for