Best Off-road Tires for Daily Driving

If you commute regularly through uneven terrains, a good set of off-road tires is a prerequisite for your vehicle. Off-road tires are designed to ensure maximum grip in order to bear your vehicle through dirt, rocks, sand, snow, boulders, mud, wet and other uneven surfaces. Take a glimpse of our article to get a comprehensive review of the best off-road tires for daily driving.

However, finding the appropriate tire among numerous alternatives can be bewildering. Tread pattern, grooves, blocks, tractions, control are some of the deciding-factors before buying off-road tires.   

Best Off-Road Tires in 2021

There are a handful of options with amazing features to pick out from the market. These features vary from company to company. We have curated a list of the top tier off-road tires so that you can read, compare and pick out the best set of tires that match your preference.




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OTR 350 Mag

Non-directional tread pattern

T-handle Excellent Traction

Enhanced Tread Compound for durability

Tireliner Flat Proofing System

Falken Wildpeak A/T3W

Optimized thread design enhanced with silica tread compound

Centre Tread Pattern

3D Canon Sipe Technology

55.000-mile warranty

Nitto Ridge Grappler

Reinforced block foundation

Stone Ejectors

Staggered shoulder lugs

Westlake SL369

Great Stability

Asymmetric tread design

Rim cushion for heat reduction

Multi-stepped zig zag grooves

Pro Armor T291114DT

Dual compound Technology

T-handle Hard durometer rubber in long-wearing compound

Soft durometer rubber in lateral grip compound

Built-in Pro Armour Dual Threat

Hankook DynaPro MT RT03

Multi-directional Traction

Excellent Grip

Under-groove protector

Acceleration and anti-puncture capability

Side protection block

Zig-Zag shoulder lugs

Kumho Road Venture AT51 tire

Circumferential trade blocks

Chevron shaped mud bitters

Tread design reduces noise

1. OTR 350 Mag 25 x 10.00-12 ATV/RTV/UTV Off-Road TIRE

The OTR 350 Mag is manufactured by OTR and is a product of OTR itself. The tire is noteworthy for its features. They include open and non-directional tread pattern. It gives the tires traction which is handy in rough surfaces. Also, the tires have triangular treads that provides the best grip when vehicles take a turn. Tread design saves from slippage in loose surfaces.

The 350 Mag is built bearing in mind the standards of the RTV automobiles. This makes the tires support loads than most of the ATV tires available in the market. The OTR 350 Mag serves an ideal tire for transportation of heavy loads. 


  • Tread Durability
  • Optimum traction
  • Ideal for transportation of heavy loads
  • Tireliner coating ensures tire life.


  • Not puncture resistant
  • Less aggressive

2. Falken Wildpeak AT3W All Season Radial Tire

The Falcon Wildpeak AT3W All Season Radial Tire is one of the best promising off-road tires available in the market. The tire is capable in operating in all weather conditions.

The tread design and sidewall features are easily able to catch attention. The centre tread pattern design ensures stability in wet, snowy and rough surfaces. It also bears centrals lugs along with open soldier which help to maintain the balance of a vehicle.

The 3D Canyon Sipe Technology is the defining feature of the Falken Wildpeak AT3W. Sipes are slit cuts on the tire surface that increases traction in wet and icy conditions and also helps to manage heat in extremely hot roads.

The 3D Canyon Sipe Technology promises stability and comfortably handles harsh and rough terrains. In addition, the technology makes the tires last long by preventing wearing. Overall, the Falken Wildpeak AT3W All Season Radial Tire is definitely commendable.


  • Sturdy, stable, and durable
  • Ideal for cold climate areas where there are snow-covered roads and regular snowfall
  • 55,000-mile warranty makes the tires last long
  • Slick and stylish
  • Heat diffuser technology


  • The tires can get noisy

3. NITTO Ridge Grappler All Season Radial Tire

The Nitto Ridge Grappler has good reputations in the tire markets for its aggressive off-road tires which can operate in any different types of terrains. The tires are built in a manner that can function in muddy, rocky, sandy and snowy surfaces.

The Nitto Ridge Grappler tires can both be used both in all-terrain and mud terrain surfaces. This makes them comfortable on one hand and on the other hand aggressive. 

The sidewall lugs are aggressive and is capable in delivering excellent traction in off roads terrains. Furthermore, the tires have stone ejectors which prevent tires from drilling and the grooves in the tires remove water and slush at a good pace.

Overall, the Nitto Ridge Grappler tire is undoubtedly one of the best options in the market that carries great features, looks and versatility.


  • Superb traction in both dry and wet surfaces
  • Tread durability
  • Great off-road


  • Not a good option for movement in heavy and deep mud

4. Westlake SL369 Off-Road Radial Tire - LT275/65R18

The Westlake SL369 makers are a brand that is knowledgeable about the customers’ wants and needs. The brand has made a name in the manufacture of tires for over 60 years. The SL369 Off-Road Radial tire is both budget-friendly and endowed with quality features. 

For stability, it has belt-edge cushions which keep the tires sturdy and strong in rough terrains. The tire’s inner liner helps in keeping the air pressure levelled to reduce and cut damage. Furthermore, the sidewalls are made specially to resist cracking harsh weather. Several other features include reliable tractions, heat reduction system for long-lasting, zigzag grooves and fuel efficiency.


  • Tire design improves stability and durability
  • All season tire features.
  • Tread element ensures highest tire surface contact with the road surface


  • Hard to operate in heavy snow

5. Pro Armor T291114DT 29x11-14 Dual Threat Rear 29x11x14 UTV Tire

The Pro Armor is a leading aftermarket brand in producing ATV and UTV products. They are distinguished for their tires and wheels. The Pro Armor T291114DT 29x11-14 Dual Threat Rear 29x11x14 UTV tire is their one such product. The tire is exceptional because of its multiple features.

The Pro Armor tire can operate smoothly in all surfaces because of its dual compound technology and radial construction. The durometer rubber in-between provides traction during movement along with stability and durability.

Furthermore, the tire comes with Pro Armor Dual threat that ensures smooth driving and turning in rocky and muddy terrains. Overall, the Pro Armor is an outstanding set of tires that buyers can definitely choose to buy.


  • Excellent in extreme weather conditions
  • Great control and tractions
  • Long tread life


  • Might be too big and heavy for some.

6. Hankook DynaPro MT RT03 Off-Road Tire - 235/85R16 120Q

Manufactured by Hankook, the Hankook DynaPro MT RT03 Off-Road Tire is an outstanding tire which has multiple features embedded in it. Its zigzag design leads the vehicles through uneven and harsh condition.

Furthermore, the design provides the driver with good traction and control during acceleration. Also, the tread patterns minimize puncture damage and gives the rider maximum grip.

Wider grooves help to clean mud and dirt automatically. The sidewalls of the tires perform quite well in snow and sandy surfaces. The tires are reinforced with nylon belts that help to provide extra traction.


  • Decent performance in all terrains
  • Automatic dirt cleaning system
  • Design ensures great traction


  • Performs poorly in wet and icy surfaces
  • Lacks sipes

7. Kumho Road Venture AT51 Tire

The Kumho Road Venture AT51 tire is one of the finest tires available in the market. It holds attributes of incredible design and built-in features, because to its angled chambers, several gripping edges form on the surface the tire. And it gives the tire incredible sturdiness in muddy and slippery surfaces. In addition, it has a tapered tread block that helps the tire to clean itself automatically. 

The Kumho Road Venture AT51 Tire is properly design to eliminate noises in all speed levels. Furthermore, the tire has been given a 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake rating, ensuring you a smooth movement over icy and snowy surfaces. Considering all the features, the Kumho Road Venture AT51 Tire undoubtedly deserves a consideration and is definitely one of the best products available in the market hands down.


  • Heavy sipes and bridge blocks ensure maximum traction
  • Self-cleaning system
  • One of the best off-road tires in harsh weather conditions
  • Durable thread surface and fuel efficient.


  • Less comfort in ride
  • Traction loss in heavy mud

Info Section

If you have decided to buy a good set of off-road tires for your vehicles, you should be familiar with the types of off-road tires. Good off-road tires depend on quality, groves, shoulders, thread design, materials and their ultimate purpose is to provide traction. Before directly diving into buying, take a look at the information that you must know.

Determine Your Terrain

Well, to begin with, there are three types of off-road tires. Before buying, think of the places you are hoping to travel on your vehicle or the places where you will be travelling the most.

If you are swapping between highways and off-roads then you should definitely choose all-terrain tires. These tires are suitable for all weather and surfaces. They provide good tractions in snowy, muddy, rocky, sandy and wet surfaces. You can find many all-terrain tires that are great in quality and budget friendly. 

If are comparatively spending more time in off-road terrain, you should definitely buy the mud-terrain tires. These tiers have well-built tread and lugs that will make you travel comfortably without facing any hazards in these terrains. They are usually durable and last longer than other tires.

However, these tires may cost you as travelling in these terrains will make you lose your tier tread faster.

And, if you stay or travel in regions of heavy snowfall and ice, there is no better alternative than snow tires. These snow tires are equipped with sipes which bite into ice or snow in order to give you better traction. Also, these tires operate in sub-zero temperatures as well. 

Determine Your Preferred Tire Size

In order to determine the size, check the sidewall of the current tire. If you are not near your vehicle, there are several websites where you can find you car and check the tire size.

For off-roads tires, tires with bigger surface areas are usually preferred. Bigger tires perform incredibly well in off-road terrains. Furthermore, bigger tires protect the vehicles from contact with rough surfaces. 

Determine Your Tread Type

They are a number of tread type that your need to know before buying off-road tires. As one of the key features of off-road tires is tread type, it is important that you know them.

If you are travelling on highways and occasionally wandering off to light off roads, the TreadWright All Terrain Wardens tires are right ones for you.

If you are looking for features and warden performance and travel switching between highway and light off-roads, the TreadWright All Terrain Axioms will suit you the most.

Another type of tread type is the TreadWright Mud Terrain Guard Dog. If you are into adventure every weekend, these are the perfect ones for you. Among all tread types, this tread is highly recommended. 

Finally, there is the TreadWright Mud Terrain Claw. It is best suited for people who are always on off-roads. If you only need traction, there is no other tread that can beat the TreadWright Mud Terrain Claw


The market is filled with a wide array of tires. Most of the tires are ahead than the others in their respective categories. Some are superior in comfort; some are impeccable than others in design and some are far better than other in features.

The tires featured in our article bear first-class quality standards. But selecting the appropriate one is solely up to you. However, we recommend the Kumho Road Venture AT51 Tire for its tread design and top-notch features. Happy buying!

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