Microlon! Award Winning Treatment for All Gas and Diesel Engines

Microlon… adds horsepower and reduces fuel consumption, emissions and wear in cars, trucks, aircraft, motorcycles, ATVs and more!

The nice thing is, you only have to treat your engine once… and the treatment literally PAYS FOR ITSELF many times over in just fuel savings alone.

This remarkable improvement is accomplished by reducing motor friction so that the engine runs more efficiently.

In turn the motor requires less fuel, as I noticed with my Jeep Cherokee, which after treatment, gave me over 3 MPG better gas milage, which translates into 60 more miles per tank and an average of $8 per tank (based on $2.67 gal) in fuel savings!

I now use 18% less fuel after treating my Jeep engine than before treatment. My Dodge diesel pickup showed an improvement of 15%, my Chevy Cavalier 17% and my Cessna 172 aircraft 10%…Not Bad!

What is Microlon?
It is not… a fuel or oil additive, it is a ONE-TIME METAL TREATMENT that only uses the fuel and oil as a carrier to transport the product to the engine’s bearing surfaces where it cleans, conditions and protects the metal surfaces permanently… without changing any engine tolerances!

This dry lubricating film has one of the lowest coefficients of friction of any material known to man

Who Uses Microlon?
This one-time Engine Treatment has remained a best kept secret for over three decades in NASCAR and Formula One Race Cars , not to mention land speed record holders, and world record setting aircraft.

…As a Professional racer, it is part of my job to assure we have every available advantage to get us into victory lane. Microlon delivers a valued advantage. Put some Microlon Race formula in and you will be a believer! …Lawrance Lowshack! Multiple Champion & Multiple Track Record Holder…

More MicrolonTestimonials

Motorcycles, ATV’s, off-road racers, competition boats, jet skis and snowmobiles also rely on the performance, longevity and reliability gained through utilizing this one-time engine treatment that lasts the life of the engine.

The people that use Microlon in their race vehicles find that this patented formulation works so well, that they can now get multiple races and several seasons out of one race engine, sometimes tripling the engines race life expectancy. The same holds true for treated transmissions and differentials.

These savvy racers also treat the engines, transmissions, differentials and power steering pumps in their personal cars, trucks, aircraft, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, snowmobiles and ATV’s too!

The Environment
The EPA states that exhaust from driving automobiles is the single most polluting thing we do, and the major contributor to smog and greenhouse gases.

Independent lab and government Test Data have shown that engines consistently show a reduction in exhaust emissions of from 10 to 40 percent after being treated with Microlon.

Add to that an average of 10% reduced fuel usage on treated vehicles and you have the potential to not only drastically reduce harmful pollution, but to also lessen our fossil fuel dependency too!

To top it all off, according to multiple test data, such treated engines should easily pass the proposed 2010 exhaust regulations without doing anything else! This is all accomplished, simply by making the engine run more efficiently. Also treated engines run much quieter, especially diesels. This reduces noise pollution significantly!

Failed the SMOG Check?
Many vehicles who have flunked mandatory smog tests, simply added the product, drove for about 1,000 miles and returned to pass the smog test with flying colors. Are you ready for new SMOG testing requirements?

What Does This One-Time Treatment Do!

  • Lowers fuel consumption
  • Lowers exhaust emissions
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Normalizes compression
  • Increases oil pressure
  • Lowers oil temperature
  • Increases horsepower
  • Engines run smoother
  • Engines run quieter (especially diesels)
  • Extends engine life
  • Lower maintenance
  • Corrosion protection
  • Dry/cold start protection
  • Provides a margin of safety, in case of sudden oil pressure loss

How Does it Work?

If you’ve ever seen pictures of the surface of the moon, you may have noticed the craters and all the irregular surface characteristics. Well that’s how most metal engine surfaces appear under a microscope, rough and porous… The illustration to the right shows such a metal surface and the inset shows how the permanent dry lubricating film would appear after treatment.

So when two metal engine surfaces rub together, friction and heat are generated causing wear and drag which robs the engine of horsepower and fuel economy while creating wear and causing high exhaust emissions. The solution is to provide some sort of lubrication to alleviate the problem.

Lubrication is simply the use of a material to improve the smoothness of movement by reducing friction. Lubrication occurs when opposing surfaces are separated by a lubricant film (engine oil). The immediate result is less heat generation and reduced wear.

Unfortunately engine oil by itself can only do so much and is known to break down and lose its lubrication properties, resulting in premature engine wear, loss of performance, increased maintenance and higher fuel costs and even damage over time.

Enter the Product… Which works in a four-step process. After a fresh oil and filter change, it is added to the engines crankcase and fuel tank.

1… First its strong cleansing action removes the old sludge, varnish and carbon placing them safely into suspension until the next scheduled oil change.

2… Next the metal surfaces are saturated with corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants for lasting protection.

3… Then the super fine resin particles suspended and carried in the fuel and oil, circulate throughout the top and bottom of the engine, embedding themselves in the porous metal surfaces while forming a close, permanent, locking bond.

4… Metal contact now becomes Microlon to Microlon contact, drastically reducing friction, heat, emissions, fuel consumption and wear.

Simple Do-It-Yourself Treatment
The treatment process, simply involves adding the prescribed amount of (well mixed) CL-100 or MIL liquid to both the fuel tank and (warm)crankcase, then immediately driving or flying the vehicle for 1-2 hours to initiate the treatment process.

It will take about 1,000 to 2,000 driving miles in both gas and diesel engines, and five to 25 hours operation in aircraft and other engine applications to fully treat the engine. Full treatment benefits can be expected after the first oil change following treatment. Specific instructions are included with each engine kit.

Microlon Beginings
This amazing product was founded in 1964 by Bill Williams Sr. Bill was a gunsmith at the time who needed something to help reduce friction and heat in rifle barrels shooting high velocity ammunition. This friction was causing wear and ruining new barrels in just a few hundred firings.

To solve this problem, he developed a liquid that combined a durable anti-friction resin and a cleaning complex held in a powerful suspension agent. Bill’s one-time gun treatment worked so well that it actually increased bullet velocity while reducing friction and heat. The result was increased barrel life allowing for thousands of firings with greatly reduced barrel wear and superior corrosion protection to boot.

This product was so successful that he began to realize the potential for other applications. Bill viewed the gun barrel as a single-stroke engine, where the bullet acted as a piston and the inside of the barrel acted as a cylinder wall, so he began developing and testing a formula that would treat combustion engines too!

In 1978 he entered this invention and won the coveted first place medal “Medaille de Vermeil” at the SALON INTERNATIONAL DES INVENTIONS DE GENEVE in Geneva, Switzerland. This noted win for friction reduction still stands unchallenged today!

FAA Accepts Microlon for use in Aircraft
In 1979 Bill developed the CL-100 Aircraft Formulation for aircraft engines and after extensive testing by the Federal Aviation Administration, CL-100 was granted FAA Acceptance for use in piston aircraft engines.

Treated engines developed more horsepower, burned less fuel and oil, ran cooler, needed less maintenance, had less noxious emissions and lasted longer. Bill realized that his engine treatment would greatly benefit any piston engine ranging from model airplanes up through the largest commercial diesel engines.

The product is distributed nationally and internationally, especially popular in Japan! However the only place you will normally see it advertised is on the internet and through distributors like me. The company is a family owned business and they continue to successfully distribute their products through word of mouth and select distributors as they have for over four decades.

Today this proprietary formula comes in liquid, grease and oil formulations which are used in dozens of varied applications including:

  • Aircraft (FAA accepted)
  • Racing vehicles of all types
  • Cars, trucks and heavy equipment
  • Motorcycles, ATV’s and snowmobiles
  • Large and small gas and diesel boats
  • Automatic and manual transmissions
  • Power steering pumps
  • Differentials and transfer cases
  • Large diesel generators
  • Guns, knives and cutting tools
  • All chain driven devices
  • Hydraulic and air pumps
  • Drill presses
  • Tooling, machinery & other industrial applications
  • Printing presses
  • Steel molds
  • Where ever grease lubrication is needed

…and the list goes on to include just about anything where metal to metal friction is causing wear and loss of performance or corrosion protection is a concern!

The bottom line… It just plain works!



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